Leading A Campaign?

The needs of our community don’t present themselves neatly on a calendar. A personal or family crisis can (and does) happen 365 days a year in any neighborhood. But we’ve found the most effective way to raise financial support – through concentrated, purposeful annual campaigns. With the help of local businesses and their employees, so many lives throughout the coming year will be impacted based on what we do together over a relatively short few weeks. Let’s start by getting you comfortable and conversant with how to lead a successful campaign. It’s time to Speak United!

Everything you need to run a successful campaign

Whether you are leading your first workplace campaign, or you are a veteran United Way champion, the tabs below contain the latest tools, tips and resources to help run your campaign. We have organized the tools for every stage of your campaign in these easy to use tabs. Just click on the appropriate tab and you will find downloadable files including print materials, videos and more. Each link includes a short description of the resources. And don’t forget, your Corporate Relations Manager is also a great resource you can tap into if you have questions at any time.

Planning your campaign

creating a roadmap for success

Veteran EECs all agree: The key to a smooth, successful workplace campaign is planning. One of the first things you’ll want to do is select the right campaign team. Choose people who enjoy engaging with others and who you can count on to share the responsibilities. United Way has developed effective tools and resources to run your campaign and generate enthusiasm:

  • EEC Handbook
    An instructive guide to running a successful campaign, now updated to address the realities of a virtual workplace campaigning.
  • EEC Facebook Group
    Sign up to be part of the Facebook group for EEC’s. Share stories, get tips and engage with EEC’s from other companies and exchange fundraising ideas.
  • Campaign PowerPoint
    Tell the United Way story with this concise overview of the needs in our community and United Way’s role in addressing them. Easy to customize with your company’s goals.
  • Leadership Groups Overview
    Learn more about United Way‘s unique and rewarding opportunities for leadership giving that can connect donors with other professionals in our area.
  • Next Gen Fact Sheet
    Learn more about our Next Gen Ambassadors and engage your associates in the power of positive impact.
  • WLC Fact Sheet
    Learn about the benefits of membership in United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council
  • Bridges Society Fact Sheet
    Learn about the benefits of United Way’s Bridges Society for emerging leaders 45 and younger.
  • Tocqueville Society Overview Brochure
    Tocqueville Society is for philanthropic donors who set the standard in giving with an annual donation of $10,000 or more.
  • Special Events Catalog
    Add a little fun into your campaign with tried and true special event ideas you can use to get employees engaged during your campaign

Campaign materials were made possible by a generous grant from the Eden Hall Foundation